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Thank you for all of your help, support and guidance with A. It seems that after all these years, we finally found someone who ‘gets’ him; I only wish it hadn’t taken so long. As an update, he called last night to tell us that he’s realized that it’s not the workload at college that is the challenge; it’s the time management. He’s having major ‘aha’ moments! I do plan to call you in the next weeks; I’d just like to get a sense overall of your insights to the way his brain operates and if you think there are other things we might be doing to help him become successful in this next phase of his life. Many many thanks.


Northfield, IL

Thanks again for being there for A.’s IEP meeting at L. School. Your input, comments, and explanations go a long way in helping the teachers understand A. Also, your presence and professional demeanor is always impressive and you do a great job of capturing the audience.


Evanston, IL

I received your evaluation and have to say, thank you. Honestly I had no idea of the complexity, thorough care, and complete interpretation that you provided. It was so well done and much appreciated. I work in a different realm than you and was honestly naive to the complexity.


Highland Park, IL

I know this is just what you do but I want you to know that today was the first school experience EVER that I felt like there was someone in the room who truly understood S. Your ability to articulate the clinical aspects while showing such kindness and respect for all involved is unbelievably rare and so needed in situations like that.

S’s Psychoeducational Evaluation … is the closest thing to S’s voice that you could possibly receive in writing.


Glencoe, IL

I think there’s a famous Buddhist proverb that says…

“When a student is ready a teacher will appear”

I was ready… you appeared, and it has opened up a new world of learning for me.


Chicago, IL

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What a great experience! We brought our anxious 8 year old son here for testing, and the staff immediately put him at ease. This was a huge factor in his ability to tolerate the 2 days of testing that we needed. The staff were responsive to his need for rest breaks and outdoor time, and still managed to complete a super professional and thorough test. The results were presented in a way that made sense to us as parents, and we were given specific guidance about how to proceed to best address his learning differences. If only we lived nearby, we’d be doing all our tutoring and remediation here – as it is we were able to use the testing results and the interpretations to find the best qualified assistance in our area. While at the Clinic, I observed other students arriving for their regular tutoring or other assistance sessions. They were as young as 6 and as old as 16, I would guess. They seemed extremely comfortable and unstressed, which makes sense as the entire office is arranged in a way that feels both professional for adults, and relaxed for children. If you have a child with learning differences – including exceptionalities and other academic needs – you should be coming here to get them the highest level of support. We are so grateful that we did.


Santa Fe, NM