Assessing FOR Learning Disabilities & TAKING ACTION

Understanding the inner workings of a learning disability is the key to removing the frustration from the educational experience.

The North Shore Learning Clinic provides unrivaled expertise from neuropsychologists and learning specialists to develop learners’ capabilities. We begin where you are and we prioritize your needs and goals. No one learner’s profile is the same as another – your individual skills and challenges combine with our research-based and experience-honed best practices to create and implement a plan for empowering students. Families report that working with us is an uplifting and student-centered experience.

Expertise Across the Spectrum

Most learners need support in more than just one area – identifying and addressing ALL the issues is key to lifelong successful learning.

Often a learning challenge in one area is linked to a challenge in another area. Similarly, some learning challenges may disguise areas of giftedness, and vice versa. Because our expertise is so comprehensive, we are experienced in identifying linked disabilities, and we use research-based approaches to resolve all the challenges. We implement real help at the intersection of dyslexia with giftedness, nonverbal learning disabilities with visual and auditory processing disorders, writing disorders with specific language impairments, math disabilities with attentional regulation, dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD and much more.

How We Stand Out

We don’t stop at making diagnostic evaluations.

At the North Shore Learning Clinic, our services are comprehensive. Because our diagnosticians are also practitioners, each of our evaluations is followed up with an individualized report with specific and practical recommendations.

We also provide help with time management, executive function, and study skills.

What is a diagnostic evaluation anyway? Click here to see a video about the process of testing.

What We Do


We conduct psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations for kids, youth, and adults. We provide individualized recommendations and interventions to help our clients reach their full potential in both social and academic contexts.

For instance…

Educational Therapy and Executive Function Coaching

We work one-on-one with students to help them use their cognitive processing strengths to overcome academic difficulties. Organization and time management are skills that can be taught!

Treatment goals include…

Standardized Test Preparation & Subject Tutoring

Based on diagnostic profiles, we help students develop strategies to efficiently demonstrate their knowledge on standardized tests. We don’t just provide ordinary test preparation “tutoring”. We offer research-based help from clinicians with decades of experience in both clinical and educational settings.

Meet our professionals…

Dr. Jordi Kleiner, PhD, BCET

I’ve always been fascinated by the act of learning: What happens neurologically when we learn to read? When we finally understand and apply a new math concept, what was different than the previous attempts? After receiving Masters and Doctoral Degrees at Northwestern University in the field of Learning Disabilities, I was at first satisfied to work one on one with clients with amazing results. However it proved difficult to meet all the families’ needs, so I expanded my outreach by founding the North Shore Learning Clinic. Here, we do diagnostic evaluations to help identify specific learning needs and strengths. We also offer Educational Therapy to help kids and adults use their individual cognitive strengths to overcome educational challenges.

Our team is dedicated to helping students make sense of their processing challenges, and to rekindling the rightful joy of learning.