What Makes Us Special?

Entering the world of learning disabilities be a confusing and overwhelming experience. It can feel like a patchwork process, with the family learning on-the-job how best to help their learner. This can lead to a trial and error approach, which often results in worsening frustration for the learner, further disheartening them and impeding their education unnecessarily.

We do things differently at the North Shore Learning Clinic. We are here to guide you through the maze of options, from the first step of suspecting a difficulty, to the last step when you no longer need us – when you or your child has achieved their goals and has integrated strategies for their ongoing success.

Our clinic offers you end-to-end support, no matter where you are in your journey to address a special learning need.

For those just starting out, we’ll help you understand which evaluation, if any, is most appropriate. Our diagnosticians are also practitioners, which allows us to both offer AND implement a uniquely individualized treatment plan. We guide families through the process, and we suggest work that you can do at home to supplement the educational support we provide. Our approaches are research-based and refined by our years of experience working with clients across the spectrum of learning abilities.

For those with prior evaluations, or who have already engaged with learning therapies, we’ll review past results and consult on the best next step. We’re happy to take that next step with you if desired.

When you need help coordinating with schools and other institutions, we’re there for you. As educators ourselves, we communicate directly with other professionals. We have cooperative relationships with many organizations on the North Shore. In all of these interactions, we act as collaborative advocates. We keep your learner’s needs at the center of the conversation.

Don't just take our word for it.

I received your evaluation and have to say, thank you.

Honestly I had no idea of the complexity, thorough care, and complete interpretation that you provided. It was so well done and much appreciated. I work in a different realm than you and was honestly naive to the complexity. – R.N.

I know this is just what you do but I want you to know

that today was the first school experience EVER that I felt like there was someone in the room who truly understood S. Your ability to articulate the clinical aspects while showing such kindness and respect for all involved is unbelievably rare and so needed in situations like that. – S.P.