Our Mission

We help students and their families navigate the educational process.

Our mission is to provide a seamless and integrated flow of support and services through the often confusing and disjointed world of learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental differences, and giftedness.

Integration is key: we formulate a fully integrated understanding of your learner’s needs with a fully integrated plan of support. To that end we maintain a highly qualified staff of clinicians and a cooperative relationship with the surrounding educational community.

We provide highly specialized evaluations and uniquely structured support for students with atypical learning profiles and their families. Our work is research-based and academically sound. As clinicians, we are dedicated to our own continuing education, and to build on our own experience for the success of our individual clients. We’re different from other clinics…

Our job is to provide your family and your child with the skills and support so that you don’t need us anymore!

Since we opened in 2011, we’ve worked over 17,000 hours to help over 1,000 families attain their educational goals and develop learning skills for life long learning mastery.