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Psychoeducational Evaluations and Individualized Treatment Psychoeducational Evaluations Individualized Treatment

Do you or your child have a learning disability?

What can be done to help?

As a parent, it can be confusing to know your child to be bright but not show this in school. Internal frustration for yourself can also be debilitating. How can some parts of learning come with such ease and others cause frustration and defeat?

Sometimes the reason for unexpected difficulties in reading, writing, math, or language is a learning disability. The most important step to restore success and confidence is early identification of a specific impediment and cognitive strengths.

Dr. Jordi Kleiner ET/P is a learning specialist and professional educational therapist serving the North Shore of Chicago and surrounding areas. He specializes in identifying processing inefficiencies that interfere with learning. He then develops and implements individualized educational services to address the difficulty.

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