For 7th-9th Grade

Make your summer skills sizzle while reading with your friends!  

Our virtual group setting will be facilitated by an educational specialist and former English teacher via Zoom and Houseparty. This reading club will specifically target higher-level reading comprehension strategies and critical thinking skills in oral and written language formats, as well as boosting executive functioning skills. Students will be demonstrating comprehension through multimedia projects. The only materials students will need are markers/colored pencils, a composition book, and a novel for self-selected independent reading.


The Facts

  • Our book club is geared towards 7th-9th grade and is available for 2 two-week sessions.
  • 60-minute sessions will be held three times per week:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 am.
  • The cost is $400 for either of the two week sessions, or $750 for both.

Session 1 takes place July 6th-15th

Session 2 takes place July 20th-29th

Dr. Jordi Kleiner, PhD, BCED

Clinic Director

Jordi directs the clinic and provides psychoeducational evaluations and educational therapy.

Jill Howe, MA

Camp Instructor
Executive Functioning Coach

Jill has taught in Chicago Public Schools, as well as a special needs private school. Her main areas of educational focus are in reading, writing, and organization for teens.

Viola Jordan, MS, ET/P

Camp Instructor
Educational Therapist

Viola specializes in speech, language, learning disabilities, and executive functioning. She is a professional educational therapist and member of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET).

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