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Psychoeducational Evaluations

Academic Tutoring

A comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation documents a child, adolescent, or adult's information processing strengths and weaknesses as they impact educational and social functioning. A comprehensive evaluation includes detailed information about cognitive aptitude, thinking skills, memory, executive functioning, visual perceptual skills, phonological processing, oral language skills, and academic functioning in reading, written language, and mathematics. These quantitative psychometric measures are nationally normed and standardized, and because they are individually administered (instead of group-administered tests at school), qualitative approaches to individual items are integrated. These evaluations can be used to guide school services, such as an IEP or 504 Plan.

Dr. Kleiner approaches evaluations with the psychometric precision of a published researcher/diagnostician, with theoretical orientations ranging from neuroscience to language-based learning disabilities, and the pragmatic recommendations of a classroom teacher.

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