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Education Therapy Resources

Education Therapy Resources

Original Research:

  • Kleiner, J. (2005). Parental Assistance During Homework Interactions: The Roles of Scaffolding and Parents’ Awareness of Their Children’s Skill Levels. Original Dissertation.
  • Stone, C. A., Bradley, K., and Kleiner, J. (2002). Parental understanding of children with language/ learning disabilities and its role in the creation of scaffolding opportunities. In B. Wong and M. Donahue (Eds.), The social dimensions of learning disabilities: Essays in honor of Tanis Bryan (133–160). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
  • Kleiner, J. and Kemler Nelson, D. (1995). Implicit Learning in Children and Adults. Original Thesis



General/National Links:

  • National Center for Learning Disabilities: www.ncld.org
  • LD Online: www.ldonline.org
  • Learning Disabilities Association of America: www.ldanatl.org
  • National resources on disabilities, including fact sheets on specific disabilities, and referrals to disability organizations: www.nichcy.org

Illinois/Local Links:

Educational Resources:

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