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Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based cognitive training program that builds concentration and attention abilities.

What is Working Memory?

Working Memory can be understood as the cognitive function responsible for keeping new information “online”, manipulating it, and using this information to guide your thinking.

Working memory is a key component implicated in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Executive Functioning Weaknesses, and many Specific Learning Disabilities.

Increased working memory abilities improve our ability to:

  • Stay focused
  • Remember multistep instructions
  • Shut out distractions
  • More independent completion of complex learning tasks such as homework

For more information about working memory: www.aboutworkingmemory.com

Cogmed Program Overview

Cogmed Qualified Practice

Cogmed offers an effective, safe, short-term, and non-pharmacological approach to overcoming working memory problems.

The program is a home-based computer program that adjusts in difficulty to be optimally challenging and obtain maximal training effects. Training programs are available for three age groups: preschool, school-age, and adult.

5 week program with 25 training sessions
Training takes 30-45 minutes each day
Weekly calls from our learning clinic’s Cogmed coach to monitor progress

Cogmed is backed by rigorous scientific studies, many of which were conducted by independent research teams. They detail statistically and clinically significant treatment effects of Cogmed on non-trained measures of response inhibition, complex reasoning, and improved academic performance, compared to a control group.

One month after training, a wrap-up session assesses progress on near and far transfer tasks - a brief battery of independently selected psychometric tests and rating scales completed by parents and teachers. Effects have also shown to be long lasting. When asked one year after training to report on their experience, 79% of parents whose children had benefited from training reported effects had remained or increased.

More information about Cogmed is available at www.cogmed.com

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